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The 90s. An era dominated by Britpop and insanely bright clothing and fashion. An era much like any other, full of quirky fads and crazes long since abandoned. The nineties brings on an attack of nostalgia like no other.

90s Fashion & Clothing


Nineties cool fashion like Global Hypercolour T-shirts, that told everyone how sweaty you really were. Slap wraps. The bracelet you could seriously injure someone with. Popper pants… whatever they were. Shirts worn tucked in but pulled out a little for that extra-baggy effect. Combat pants. Crop tops, worn by those with the figure to carry them off (and occasionally those without.) The 90s brands everyone loved to be seen wearing: NafNaf, Joe Bloggs, Mossimo, Pepe, Umbro. Very few of them still in existence today. Perhaps ‘cutting edge’ is a small exaggeration.

90s TV in the UK


The 90’s saw some fantastic television drama in the UK. Remember growing up with the Byker Grove kids? Children’s Ward? Saved by the Bell? Spending Saturday nights snuggled on the sofa with the family laughing out loud at the ridiculous antics of Noel Edmonds and Mr Blobby on ‘House Party’? For children, there were daily doses of Edd the Duck (accompanied by the eternally cheerful Andi Peters.) They broadcast daily from the Children’s BBC Broom Cupboard, introducing all the kids’ favourite programmes. And for teenagers and adults, a plethora of brilliant telly to choose from: Friends? The X-Files? Roseanne?

90s Toys & Games

tamagotchis were popular in the 90s

A 90’s was a decade of daft toys which were never going to stand the test of time. The Tamogotchi. A virtual pet which was all the trouble of a real pet without any of the fun. Furbies and beany babies, which were cuddly but also fairly ugly. Those cockerel-shaped bicycle-wheel reflectors you got free in packets of Kelloggs’ cereal. Power Rangers: strange helmeted beings who could apparently save the planet once they donned their skintight lycra suits and accessed the correct weapon and shield combination. The Skip-it: a game which seemed purposefully designed to break children’s ankles.