Best remembered for the 1994 Number One “Things Can Only Get Better”, D:Ream were a pop band from Northern Ireland.

Their two albums both reached the top 5 in the album charts, and gave the band 9 singles in the UK top 40 between 1993 and 1995.

How many of these do you remember?

  • Things Can Only Get Better
  • U R the Best Thing
  • Take Me Away
  • Party Up the World
  • Shoot Me with Your Love

The band comprised:

  • Peter Cunnah (vocalist, songwriter)
  • Al Mackenzie (musician)
  • Cian McCarthy (sax)
  • Brian Cox (keyboards) while studying for his physics PhD degree
  • Mark Roberts (drums)

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  • Jane

    Used to love these guys, still got their cd somewhere

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