ITV’s most successful children’s programme since, SMTV Live hit our screens in the late 90s, attracting over 2.5 million viewers.

Its popularity was largely due to the madcap presenting style of Ant and Dec, who presented the show with Cat Deeley and stared in weekly sketches like Wonkey Donkey, Ant and Duck, Cat the Dog, Fartbeat, The Vicar of Dribbley, Captain Justice, Dec Says, The Secret of My Success, Casually, Anty and Decky the Garden Goblins and Only Fools and Hogwash.

Pokémon cartoon regularly appeared during SMTV Live. Ant and Dec also dressed up as Pokémon characters in a weekly segment called “Pokéfights”.

Unlike many other Saturday morning children’s programmes, SMTV gave away impressive competition prizes, such as holidays to America for the family, televisions, and games consoles. Competitions included What’s Ant Whistling, Men in Splat, Challenge Ant, Brian’s Brain, Eat My Goal, Sabrina’s Poem, Pick Your Knows, and All Hands on Dec.

SMTV Live will be fondly remembered by many people who grew up in the 90s. It was voted in 5th place for Channel 5’s 50 Greatest Kids TV Shows in 2014.

What do you remember from SMTV Live?

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