Strike It Lucky / Rich

Michael Barrymore’s television game show, in which contastants had to move across the stage by answering questions and pressing the television monitors to reveal either an a arrow to move on, or a prize, or a Hot Spot.

The show was called Strike It Lucky until 1995, then re-launched as Strike It Rich in 1996 being co-produced by LWT and Fremantle.

Three teams of two compete to win cash and prizes. They do this by moving across an archway of ten television monitors arranged on stage, answering questions as they go. At the start of a turn, a player is given a category with six possible answers. That player then must decide how many answers he or she gives – either two, three, or four – to attempt move the corresponding number of spaces along the archway of monitors. If the player answers this number of questions correctly, their partner moves across the archway accordingly, but otherwise an opposing team has the opportunity to move instead.

Each monitor except the last hides a prize or a “Hot Spot”, which are revealed in turn as players move across the archway. Each time a player reveals a prize, they win that prize and must decide either to bank the prize and end their turn or to reveal another monitor. If they reveal the Hot Spot, they lose all the prizes earned up to that point and their turn ends. If they can make their required number of moves without hitting a Hot Spot, they not only bank their prizes but also keep their turn and answer another question.

On reaching the last monitor of the ten, the game cuts to a commercial break. When it returns, the team decides whether to answer a final question or to bank their prizes. An incorrect answer forfeits the prizes not banked and the game continues, while a correct answer wins the game and allows the team to progress to the “bonus game”.

Before playing the bonus game with the winning team, Barrymore would run through the prizes won by the other two pairs before bidding them farewell. If a team had not won any prizes due to reaching a Hot Spot or not answering any questions correctly, Barrymore would hit the last two screens himself to claim prizes for the contestants

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