Words and Pictures

Words and Pictures was one of the longest running nationally broadcast programme for schools in the United Kingdom. It remained popular through the 90’s and the producers began making use of the internet as a teaching aid for the programme, allowing children to access games and material through a dedicated website. In the late 1990s and early 2000s when the attention of teachers was moving away from traditional broadcasting and onto online and interactive resources, Words and Pictures was still reportedly used by 70% of all primary schools.

In 1992 the presenter was Sophie Aldred, who presented studio-based programmes with location visits and all the other features of the programme since the 70s. Words and Pictures was such a popular schools programme that two video tapes were released to the general public based on these episodes and with special introductions by Sophie Aldred – Alphabet Fun Time, containing Magic Pencil sequences for every letter of the alphabet, and Time for a Story, reprising several of the stories told through illustrations or animation.

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